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Egyptology All about Egyptology

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Old 27th April 2007, 14:07
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Question What Is The Light That I See On Top Of The Pyramid?

The Light That You See Is Actual Energy Emitted From The Top Of The Pyramid, The Cap
Stone Of The Pyramid And Is Called Standard Columnar Wave Or SCW. This Double Helix Is
Generated By The Sides Of The Pyramid Bending Light And Creating A Vortex. This Is The
Energy That Runs The Universe. The Ancient Symbol Was Called Neh-Eh, Meaning "Eternity."
Nature, Is A Word Taken From Neteru, Ptahite/Egyptian For Beings Of The Skies, Who Had
The Real Truth Of The Knowledge Of The Pyramid And How They Deal With Tachyon Energy.
The Pyramid Refocuses Light Into Its Sub-Atomic Particles Which We Call Tachyon Energy.
The Term Tachyon Energy Is Used Because It Is The Best Term That Describes This Energy.
The Luciferians Will Try To Tell You That Tachyon Is "Hypothetically" A Kind Of Energy, Don't
Be Fooled. When You Hear The Word Tachyon, Phonetically You Hear, Tack On Meaning "To
Stick On." Tachyon Energy Is The Glue Of The Universe. It Is The Bond Between The
Spiritual And Physical Realms Of Reality. If Humans Are To Advance Into The Spiritual World,
Then They Must Learn To Overstand Tachyon Energy. The Pyramids Serves As Antennas, Which
Refocus Light Into The Three Magnetic Fields Of Tachyon Energy, This Gives Humans An
Opportunity To Study This Energy.

With Tachyon Motion, All Motions Have A Path Length Of 240 Degrees. Unlike The Electron
Spin, There Is No Centrifugal Force, Thus No Gravity. Tachyons Are Of Nature Wherefore They
May Pass Through Matter And Or Other Fields Without Being Affected Or Affecting Such Fields
Of Matter. If You Were To Look At The Rain Dance Of The Hopi Native Americans Called
(Indians), They Got This From The Dogon Tribe Of Mali, Their Original Ancestors, Who Got It
From Beings They Call Nommos, Who The Hopis Call Kachina, You Would Find The Same
Clocking Action Of The Tachyon Pairs Is Used In Their Rain Dance And The Dances Of The
Whirling Dervishes. The Native Americans Would Use This Action To Build Standing Columnar
Waves. By Building These Standings Waves We, The Native Americans Could Cause Rain; A
Secret We Got From Our Ancestors From Nuba, Through The Deity Hapi, Same As Hopi, The
Son Of Bar (Horus). The Dogon Of Mali, And The Yoruba Of Nigeria, And Many Others All
Use This Principle.

This Can Also Be Seen With The Sixty Year Dogon Dance Which Was Mentioned Previously.
Its Purpose Is The Renovation Of The World, On Their Clock Of Destiny. When It Is Time For
The Sigui, The Hogon, Elders In The Tana Tono Shelter At Yougo Draw A Symbol On The
Rock With Red Ochre, Which Represents A Kanaga Mask. This In Turn Represents The Deity
A in ma. A Hole Is Made In The Ground Below It Symbolizing The Sigui, And Thus Amma Is
The Egg Of The World, As Ra Was The Primeval Egg. Many Ancient Cultures Speak Of This
Black Egg Or Black Dot.
When An Elder Passes On To Higher Life , Its Like One Of The Library Have Shut Down
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Old 27th April 2007, 14:11
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Question What Is The Light That I See On Top Of The Pyramid? ( ParTwo )

The Hole Is Also Interpreted As The Hole Which Must Be Dug To Put Seeds In. From This
Viewpoint The Holes Are Arranged In Series Of Three Connoting Three Siguis, Placed Beneath
The Sign Of Three Seeds, After Which They Are Named. Thus The Sigui At The Beginning Of
This Century Was Called The Erne Sigi, The "Sorghum Sigui," The Next One Will Be Called
Yu Sigi, The "Haricot Sigui". There Is Another Figure Painted On The Facade Of The
Sanctuaries Which Reveals Rather More Specific Data It Is Called Sigi Lugu, Meaning
Calculation Of The Sigui, And Consists Of A Line Of Vertical Chevrons; The Notches Of Which
Are Painted Alternately Black, Red, And White. These Are The Secret Colors Of The Dogon,
The Hopi, And The Nubians

The Results Of The Dancing Is A Charged Column. The Same Standing Wave Column Appears
In A Typical Storm Or In The Electrical Process Used To Produce A Capicator. The Clocking
Motion Of The Dance Pattern, Is Similar To The Motion Of The Clocking Of The
Electromagnetic Fields Of The Atom. What Happens Over The Dancing, Is That A Band Of
Energy Is Formed. This Is The Same Pattern That, It Was Said, Was Used By The Israelites To
Bring Down The Walls Of Jericho, An Event Which Was Never Historically Confirmed.. In The
Seven Days Of Marching Around The Walls, The Israelites Produced A Standing Columnar Wave
That Came Crashing Down On The City When The Trumpets Were Blown. This Is Why The
Walls Of Jericho Were Blown Out, As If There Was A Big Explosion In The City, An
Unconfirmed Story.

Another Important Reason Why The Pyramids Were Built Was To Help Humans Change Thier
Halut Or Aura To A More Positive Frequency. The Pyramid Is An Electrical Capacitor Designed
To Help The Individual Achieve This. It Is A Tufted-Tank Antenna Acting As An
Interdimensional Communication Device. 1 he Pyramid Refocuses Light Into The Reverse Spiral
Of The Electrons, Which Is The Positive Field. The Pyramid Is An Interdimensional
Communication Device Given To Humans, So That They May Learn Of The Positive Frequency,
And Make Contact With Their Oversoul And Beings. As Mentioned Previously, The Pyramid Is
An Antenna Designed To Refocus Light Into The Two Different Electron Spirals, The Negative
Field Of The Physical, And The Positive Field Of The Spiritual. This Energy Which Is Seen As A
Light, Forms A Double Helix, Which If Commonly Seen As The Caduceus, Or Staff Of Tehuti,
(Thoth) From Whom The Greeks Relate To Their Deity Hermes. Hermes's Staff Is A Winged
Staff With Two Serpents Twined About It. Also The Greek Mythological Deity, Mercury Holds
It, And The Hindus Call It Kundalini. This Staff Was Used By The Brotherhood As A Measure
Of Light. The Staff Is Also Used As The Medical Symbol Of Today, Because It Symbolizes
Healing Power. Moses Used It As Seen In (Exodus 4:3).
When An Elder Passes On To Higher Life , Its Like One Of The Library Have Shut Down
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Old 27th April 2007, 14:12
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Posts: 510
AmenRaEl is on a distinguished road
Question What Is The Light That I See On Top Of The Pyramid? ( ParThree )

It Can Also Be Seen As A Double Helix, Climbing The Sword, Which Has The Wings Of The
Egyptian Deity Isis Or Aset, A Symbol Also Used By Sumerians. In The Past, The Graduates Of
The Pyramid Were Physicians, Dedicated To Balancing The Ailments Of The Earth, Whether
They Were Medical Or Political. History Has Recorded Them As The Alchemists Or Magi,
Alchemists From El-Kham, Or Kemet, In Aramic/Hebrew, The Name For Ham, Son Of Noah
Genesis 5:32, And Egypt. The Name Magi Is Also From Magus Or Magic (Matthew 2:1).
The Caduceus Which Is A Measurement Of Light Shows The Two Directions That Electrons Can
Spiral Around The Nucleus Of The Atom. Its Purpose Is To Show The Degree Of Light In The
Body. Tehuti Says In The Kyballion That There Are Three Great Planes Of Conciousness. The
Pure Energy Fields In Which The Particles Of The Atoms Spiral Are Called Tachyon Pairs. The
Tachyon Pairs Carry Electromagnetic Charges Which Are 1. (+) Positive, And (+) Positive, 2. (+)
Positive (-) Negative, And 3. (-) Negative (-) Negative. These Three Charges Make Up The
Three Great Planes Of Consciousness. In Ancient Egyptian Drawings You Find Pictures Of Men
Holding Coils. These Coils Were Tuned To The Reverse Flow Of Vortex Energy Generated
Between Sites.

The Ancient Ones Knew Of The Knowledge Of Energies And Atoms Long Before Modern
Science Came Onto The Scene. They Knew Enough To Design An Electromagnetic Antenna
Called A Pyramid. This Pyramid Was Used As The House Of Initiation Into The Higher Levels
Of Consciousness,For Thousands Of Years. The System Was The Same As Used In America In
The 1930's A.D. By A Student Of The Mystery System, A Venusian, Named Edward
Leedskalnin, Who Worked With Another Venusian Named Nikola Tesla .
When An Elder Passes On To Higher Life , Its Like One Of The Library Have Shut Down
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